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Alaska Construction Jobs

Alaska’s construction industry is a huge source of jobs with high pay and great benefits. Whether you are right out of high school, returning from military service, finishing college or looking to shift careers, there is a path to success in the Alaska construction industry. If you like technology, relish working as part of a team, are eager to learn new skills and enjoy earning a good living, we have all the resources you need to make your dreams a reality.

Everything we build in Alaska is essential to our economy, national security, and quality of life. And as an essential part of the economy, your career will always be stable and well paid!

Alaska Construction and Alaska Construction Jobs are stable careers and according to the McKinley Research Group they anticipate considerable growth now through 2028.

I didn't want to do the four-year college, and this gave me a head start to life. It brings a lot of joy to see jobs I've done, but what's even better is seeing how happy people are when I'm done with a job

Eric, Rain Proof Roofing

Alaska's Construction Industry by the Numbers


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Percentage of construction workers wage above the average wage for all Alaska workers.