Its all about the opportunity

A career in construction is a dignified career in a team environment you can be proud to be a part of. It is an industry where you can see the results of your work daily and for years to come… and the opportunities are endless.

The industry encourages and embraces diversity. Alaskan construction contractors welcome new men and women, with or without experience, into their inclusive culture on a regular basis and take great pride in seeing their employees succeed.

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The Industry

More than 7.2 million Americans are employed in the construction industry which is continuously evolving. Construction professionals are constantly being taught new skills and new techniques. The longer people stay in their construction careers, the more skills they develop.

Alaska Construction Job Income Information

The Earnings

Jobs in the construction industry pay more than 35% compared to other jobs. The average annual income for a construction worker is $82,330, plus great benefits.

Demand for Alaska Construction Job Training

The Demand

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development anticipates 17,260 new skilled trade workers will be needed in Alaska by 2028

The Opportunity

There are so many opportunities in the construction industry, including the chance to earn while you learn! Learn new skills, get paid, and have no debt! Its a beautiful thing!

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Endless Opportunities


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Average Construction Wage

$1.25 Billion

Wages Paid to Construction Workers (2018)