You have done all you can over the years to give your son or daughter the best upbringing you can-preparing them for the opportunities and challenges that they will conquer as they embark on building a life for themselves.

One of the most important things left for you to do as a parent is to offer them advice and input on the many career options they have to choose from.

A construction career in Alaska is an option that very much deserves consideration. The industry needs new talent, as about one-third of the existing workforce is about to enjoy the retirement benefits they have earned throughout their construction career. Construction offers good pay and benefits. This industry thrives on teamwork, and welcomes new young people entering the industry. Rest assured that they will have support from others around them to help them succeed.

This website offers resources for the many opportunities available in Alaska which can be utilized to help your child build the most successful future career possible. We hope you will take some time to explore the vast variety of jobs available and the many paths that can be taken in gaining necessary skills.


Alaska Construction