Job Description

Construction Craft Laborers need good manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and balance. They also need the ability to read and comprehend all warning signs and labels on a construction site and reading skills sufficient to understand and interpret plans, drawings, and written instructions and specifications. They should be capable of working as a member of a team and have basic problem-solving and math skills. Employers want workers who are hard-working, reliable, and diligent about being on time.

Laborers work in many sectors of construction including heavy civil and highway construction with many different types of jobs such as clearing and preparing highway work zones and rights of way, temporary traffic, installing sewer, water and storm drain pipes, placing concrete and asphalt as well as grade checking (surveying of construction sites).  Laborers also work in oil and gas industry doing many types of jobs such as maintenance, new pipeline construction, coating and insulation of pipe to name a few.  The other sector that Laborers work in is the building trades, which is building new or remodeling buildings such as schools, airports, warehouses, public buildings, and many other types of projects.

While most construction craft laborers tend to specialize in a type of construction, they are generalists who perform many different tasks during all stages of construction.  State of the art training schools are located in Anchorage and Fairbanks where training for all types of work is available to apprentices at no cost.  Training that pays!  Take action and join their apprenticeship today and start earning a living wage with benefits tomorrow.

Exploring a Career as a Laborer