Career Changers

When you’re thinking of changing your career, it can feel like a daunting decision. However, if you’re coming from an existing job, chances are you have a wide range of transferable skills, things you have learned or had training in that will make transitioning into a new job far easier.

A career in the construction industry is exciting and you can find a wide variety of roles to suit your existing skillset, from design to IT, management to office-based, with everything in between.

It’s important to remember that skills are often transferable from one job to another, even if you don’t initially think so. But if you can manage a team in one place, chances are you can do it in construction too, plus many office-based roles have similar administrative tasks that you will have been trained to do.  Some examples of transferring your skill set into the construction field include: 

  • Management skills: commercial manager, compliance manager, senior manager 
  • IT skills: IT support analysis, BIM technician, Civil engineering technician 
  • Designer skills: Principal designer, 3D visualizer, CAD operative

The list goes on. Chances are you have the skills necessary to transfer into the construction industry. AGC members represents the best in the construction industry. Click here for a list AGC construction companies.  Consider inquiring with them on how you can transfer your skill and help build up Alaska. 



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