Apprenticeships & Trainings

Earn while you learn

Apprenticeship programs offer the opportunity to get hands-on training for a career while earning money, instead of going into debt by taking on student loans. These paid apprenticeship positions teach skills through a combination of on-the-job experience and classroom instruction. 

Apprenticeships are rewarding, but also demanding. Successful completion requires determination, commitment, and the desire to build a successful future. For those who meet the challenges of apprenticeship, the rewards are substantial. Check out the links below to learn more. 

Apprenticeships & Trainings by Trade


Teamster & Truck Driving


Carpenter, Millwright, and Piledriver

Operator & Heavy Diesel Mechanic


Plumber, Pipefitter and Steamfitter


Sheet Metal Worker


Painter, Glazier, Taper and Floor Finisher

Masonry & Trowel Trades

Alaska Boilermaker Apprenticeship
Boiler Maker



Alaska Construction